Doll making workshops

Next doll making workshop:  Dates to be announced.

Ongoing doll making classes:  In this setting you work at your own pace under my guidance and you have the freedom to choose which model of doll you’d like to work on. For more information contact Luciana at  handsfollowheart[at]gmail[dot]com

If you cannot make the current workshop dates or make it to the ongoing class: If you can get a group of 6 people together and the space to accommodate the workshop, I can come to you and teach how to make a doll in your community. For more details please contact me at  handsfollowheart[at]gmail[dot]com

Why make a Waldorf doll?

A Waldorf doll is much more than just a toy. It inspires free play, a sense for caring and imagination. Made out of all natural materials, respecting healthy human proportions and with a simple physiognomy, the doll can become a friend close to your child’s heart. It will accompany your child through life experiences and support social and emotional development. And besides that they are fun to make and play with.

Who should make a doll?

Regardless of whether you’re making a doll for a child or yourself, the process of making a doll is enjoyable and can be therapeutic, as any kind of handwork can be. Making a doll is for anyone with or without children in their lives: mothers, mothers to be, grandparents, nannies, teachers, uncles, aunts…. There is a lot of sewing involved in making a doll so a minimum ability with thread and needle is required.

About me

My name is Luciana and I’m a designer and an admirer of all things hand made. My journey with Waldorf dolls began when I had my first child and wanted her to create a warm and nurturing environment for her with natural materials, gentle colours and sounds. Since that time I’ve made a variety of dolls and have taught many other people to create their own Waldorf dolls.

See this link for an account of one of my student’s experience of my workshop:



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