Creative output 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 was a good year in many ways. It wasn’t, however,  a good year for keeping this blog up to date. I thought posting a review of my creative output in 2014 would somehow fill a little bit of the gap, but in creating this post I realise I haven’t even documented my work very well. As you can see a lot of my creative energy was directed into doll making. I also had a lot of fun running two doll making workshops. In 2014 I rekindled my love for knitting that had been dimmed in the last couple of years (it never died though!). Teaching how to knit socks might have contributed towards that. There are a few more knitting projects that I completed but haven’t photographed. I’m also thrilled that I tried a new craft. I took a short course on Kilim tapestry. I did finish the mug rug you can see half-way done in the picture but didn’t capture the completed project. I have started a new Kilim but it’s slow going. I loved making the one bread oven of the year, it was a good change form textiles. During the Summer break my watercolours were my best friends. In 2015 I plan to spend more time with them!

I hope 2015 will bring lots of opportunities for all of us to create even more beauty into this world.


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