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October 2015


Karina 18″ dress up doll Karina was donated to the 2014 fundraiser for the The Christian Community in Toronto, Canada


Jade 15″ dress up doll Jade was a gift to my daughter


Leo 10″ dress up doll Leo was donated to a fundraiser for the Early Childhood Teacher Training at the Rudolf Steiner Centre …


Sadiki 18″ dress up doll Sold


Mayumi 18″ dress up doll Mayumi was donated to the Kobe Shinwa Women’s University, Early Childhood Teacher Education Department in Japan. You can …

Sac doll

8″ Sac doll This doll was a gift to an adorable 2 year old little girl

Pyjama doll

14″ pyjama doll This doll was a gift to my niece


Andrey 14″ doll Donated to Aspen Kindergarten at the Toronto Waldorf School


12 inch tall dress up doll Donated to a fundraiser for Waldorf childhood education at the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto Christmas 2013