Finished Macro Mitts

macro mitts

Blog activity has been really slow lately, but I had to pop in just to show my finished Macro Mitts. It was love at first sight but it took me two years to complete this project. Don’t ask… it’s not that hard at all a knit. I made the first mitten (left hand) very quickly once I worked out the right gauge for the yarn I used. Then, for the right hand mitten it just didn’t work that easily. I must have misread the chart twice as once the thumb came out on the wrong side and the next time the star was out of place… then I parked it for a while. When I picked it up again, the gauge was completely off and it came out twice the size even though I used same yarn and needles combo. Anyhow, the spell is now broken and all that is in the past! I’m so happy with my new mitts! I love them!

The right hand mitten looks a bit wonky in the picture and that is because it is slightly twisted. It asctually looks great!

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