She’s in Japan



I’m so jealous of her! Not only this doll is in Japan right now – a place I’ve always wanted to visit -  but she is in Japan with my husband. Today they are  out gallivanting in Kyoto, the two of them! How did that come to happen, you may ask… Well,  Warren was invited to take part in a symposium about education taking place at  a college in Kobe. He commissioned this doll originally to take as a gift to either the organization that is hosting the event or to the Waldorf school he is visiting during the same trip. He will also use the doll as a prop for his talk about Waldorf Early Childhood Education at the symposium.  Now, there’s a small chance the doll will fly back home with him if he finds it is not appropriate to give it as a gift (there are quite a few etiquette rules and taboos around gift giving in Japan), in which case Liliana (and I)  will be delighted to have her back!


japanese doll






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